MIROR Software
  • MIROR-Impro


    MIROR-Impro addresses music improvisation. This application allows children to improvise with a virtual copy of themselves as a kind of partner, discovering what elements in the replies of MIROR-Impro stay the same or what changes.

    download MIROR-Impro

  • MIROR-Compo


    MIROR-Compo addresses music composition. This application acts as a sort of "musical scaffolding" that allows children to combine several musical phrases on the basis of their own style and musical taste.

    download MIROR-Compo

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  • MIROR-Body Gesture

    MIROR-Body Gesture

    MIROR-Body Gesture allows children to create music and control their own musical improvisations and compositions via movement.

    download MIROR-Body Gesture


  • MIROR-Multi Modal

    MIROR-Multi Modal (working in progress)

    In collaboration with the Royal College of Music of Stockholm and the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm we planned to implement a new MIROR application which will apply the reflexive paradigm at the music, visual and motor perception in the music interaction.